Quiz : Process Question conflict next button


1. I have created assessment in the attached file.

2. Have created process question for each question.

3. My concern is how do I go from one question to next after clicking SUBMIT button.

4. Also, there seems to be an issue with the inheritance tab as everything is frozen.

5. Kindly suggest.

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@mmalhotra-9265 Based on the screencaps provided, it appears that there are no Title Objects — if the Title Objects are missing, the Inheritance setting will be empty as there are no Titles to inherit. (It might also seem frozen because the setting is empty.) Does the dropdown in the dialog give you the option to Inherit All Objects, Inherit No Objects, or Inherit Specific Objects?

For navigation, we recommend that you move the Back/Next and Cancel buttons from the Quiz Introduction page to the title level. You may also add an additional action to the Submit button to go to the next page; however, having a Submit button on each page isn't required as the question itself will be processed when the user goes to the next page.

Thanks for sharing the issue you're currently facing @mmalhotra-9265 We appreciate the screencaps as well. To verify, could you please tell us which version of Lectora you're using? Our team is currently taking a look at the inheritance tab issue and we'll update you soon.

One query Michelle - I selected the blank template (as attached).

Can we add inheritance to it as in next, back, page count to it?

Thank you Michelle. I am using Lectora Desktop 19 version.

Regarding missing inheritance, I guess I choose the incorrect template. This now seems sorted. Thank you.

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