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1. In the attached quiz, I want to have a certificate generated to the user when he/she passes the quiz.

2. Is that feasible in Lectora.

3. Also, for publishing a quiz, I simply need to select AICC/SCORM from Title Options and then publish?



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Typically a certificate is a normal page with portrait dimensions that a user can print (into a pdf). You may try "Insert > Group Add more > Certificate" to find some examples.

Thanks Timk for this. Help me with variable bit for Student Name, and Course name to appear on the certificate.

Malhotra, look at the built-in SCORM variables. (They're under Tools in the Ribbon.) You should have no trouble finding the ones for student and course name.

Also, since I want course name also to be printed for each user - is there a way that I can customize the certificate text?

Currently, the certificate template is in Portrait format. Can I have one in Landscape.

Trust below is fine.


1. Since I want course name also to be printed for each user - is there a way that I can customize the certificate text? At the moment, I can just add Student name, can I add another variable of course name on the certificate?

2. Also, my size for having certificate in Landscape is going wrong.

3. My variable for result is going incorrect.

4. Attached is the file, I guess I am missing few pieces.

1. A certificate is a normal Lectora page. You can insert any text or other element. You can also insert variable values into textfields. There are two ways to insert variables:

-> Change content

Check the "Page title" field on title level to see how a Change Content action can be used to insert new text, static or variable.

-> Inline variable replacement

When you write "VAR(name_of_a_variable)" into a textfield this placeholder will be replaced with the current content of the named variable, when the page is loaded. This means the variable is inserted only once when the page is loaded, it is not kept in synch with a changing variable. If you want to modify the variable before it is inserted you'll have to use a Change content action.

Check Tools > Variable manager to find a list of all variables in your course. Make sure the spelling is correct.

2. The size of the pages is inherited from the superior levels, i.e. from title or chapter level. If you want to change the dimensions of a single page, uncheck "Inherit Page Size" in the properties of the page to activate the entry fields.

3. See above. The spelling of your variable name is incorrect . Check the Variables manager to find the correct name, it should be "Assessment_Score".

@timk - You are an awesome teacher.

My answers as below:

Point 3 - Have rectified spellings now. This is sorted.

Point 2 - I unchecked the page but am unable to find a perfect Height Width combination to make the certificate landscape.

Point 1 - I inserted the text to add course name, and tried adding variable under Change Contents section. However, it doesn't give me option to add Variable. Instead it gives Resource option.

If you select an image object as the target of your action, you can of course only change the image file (the content of the image object). Target a textfield and you'll be able to change the text, i.e. the content of a textfield.

@timk - Your each answer teaches me something about Lectora. Thank you.

1. I have added text field and certificate button under "Congratulations, you passed the quiz" page.

2. However, now my assessment score is not reflecting well.

3. And, my certificate is blank.

4. Could you review once.

Here you are.