Preview - Not working


1. I downloaded the below courses to a blank Lectora template.

2. However, the preview doesn't seem to work.



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Not sure if u downloaded the library object (.awo) or the template (.awp) but here are some links that might help.

Working with My Library

Inserting a library object

Importing and exporting templates

Using a template

If those links still don't help, can you try Run Mode (F10) and/or Preview in a Browser (F9)?

-- Jim


It is unclear to me what exactly what you mean by weird.

  • What are you trying to do?
  • What were you expecting it to look like?
  • What steps did you take to get this result?
  • Does preview mode work for you now?
  • Were any of the links I previously posted helpful?

@jjones - Isn't this weird the way template appears after importing it to a blank lectora template?


Here's what works for me in Lectora v21.0.3:

  1. Download the Lectora 21 eLearning Template .awp file

  2. Open Lectora 21.0.3

  3. Create a New Project

  4. Select My Templates

  5. Select Import

  6. Find and select the template file, Gamification Infographic.awp, then click Open

  7. Double click on the Gamification Infographic template.

  8. Save

  9. Press F10 to Run or F11 to Preview

@jjones - The Lectora file that I imported to the template is incomplete now.

The content is halfcut as shown in the image above, and nothing to navigate the screen.

File size is too big to be shared.

It should be a normal file, where I can go back and next.



@jjones - The file is small for the template? Or the settings need to be rectified.



@jjones - Request if you could help me confirm the above.


Are you still having problems?