Opening 2 Lectora files simultaneously

Is it possible to open 2 Lectora files simultaneously with same version or different version on my system.

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It sure is! Open the first file however you like. Then outside Lectora, locate the second file; use File Explorer in Windows or Finder in MacOS. When you double-click the second file, it will open in a second instance of Lectora.

It would be nice to be able to open multiple files in the same instance, but I've done this a lot and it works fine.

And some ancillary information too:

You can also open multiple titles in Lectora Online by launching them from the dashboard.

In both cases Desktop and Online you can copy and paste between titles.


When I click the second file (both desktop version 19), I get the attached message.




Malvika, open Lectora 19 a second time from the Windows Program menu, then use File undefined Open within L19 to open the second course.

Thank you Carl..this is really helpful.



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