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1. In the attached file, I want the status of NEXT button as disabled till user clicks all the 3 tabs. However, NEXT button enables on just one click.

2. Also, I seem to have added lot of ACTIONS in the file.

3. Is there a better approach to make the project file neat.



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Looking at the Parsley image, the action there has only one condition:

You should also have conditions for the _Mint and _Basil variables, with the "All conditions" relationship.

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Well, for one thing, you have an action that sets the Next button to Disabled, but it never actually works. You have an If condition:

So, the button will be set to Disabled if none of those variables have been set.

But look at the way the variables are defined:

You set them to those values initially! So the If condition will never be met, and the Next button will never be disabled.

I tried setting the Next button to "Initially disabled" in its Properties.

Do you see the problem in this image?

You have tested the _Mint variable twice, and never tested the _Basil variable at all. But _Mint will never be "C" because your Action sets it to "A". Therefore, the If conditions are never met, and the button is never set to Normal.

So I'd set the initial values of the variables to something different ("X"), and fix the conditions on the OnMclkSetState Actions.

@carlfink - I tried adding Mint and Basil too but some action somewhere is going wrong.

@mmalhotra-9265 , you didn't fix the initial values of the three variables. Look at my previous message, and learn to use the Variable Manager (Tools >> Variables).

@carlfink -Got your point.

Check this file now. Have removed the MINT duplicacy.

@carlfink - Have set the initial values. Trust this is right approach now.

Sure seems to be working now.