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In the attached file, there are seven items under MENU.

I want user to be able to visit only one at a time, and rest are locked.

How can I do that?



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Here is a link to our knowledgebase video about Conditional Actions. There are lots of ways to manage what a user can do or not do. For this case, for your go-to action of go to the desired page, add a condition of IF Is completed, and IF is completed, and so forth to create the conditions under which the action should work.

Here is a video describing this type of condition setting.

You can also convert the shapes to buttons, then use the conditions above with the button states so that the buttons are disabled until some page has been completed.

In the simplest way, after converting the shapes to buttons, you could have the first button enabled, and the rest set to disabled (this keeps them visible, just inactive). Set the button to have two actions, 1) OnClick Set Button State to Active and target the second button, and 2) OnClick Go to page x. Use the same format for each following button to enable.

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Re-attaching the file.

Is there a way that I can change the color of visited state of visited tabs?

Request if you could confirm if the menu functionality is fine?

Also, should I be removing next button from menu page?

Thank you Christie for helping me progress with my lectora learning.

I am trying to implement the above suggestion, with more practice should be able to learn this.

Thanks again.

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