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1. I have created a course in English, and want to extract it to another language.

2. I went to Tools section, and extracted RTF.

3. I uploaded the RTF (https://translate.google.co.in/?sl=en&tl=hi&text=adv&op=docs), and converted it to the desired language.

4. However, I don't have any option to download RTF of the outfile file (translated language).

5. What the next steps, and how can I use it to have Lectora course in translated language.

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We do not recommend doing the translations through Google translate as the RTF file has some text that is not to be modified.

Following the steps found in the help should get you through this.

You can select the text, copy to an editor, e.g. notepad and save as .rtf.

But you should be aware of what jbarona posted above. The resulting file cannot be imported as all lines starting with "## ~~" contain technical information where to insert the text in the AWT file and must not be translated.

Thank you.

I need help with downloading translated RTF file. Google does the translation but I don't see any option to download or save that file. Screenshot for your reference, kindly guide.


Makes sense Timk..thank you.

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