Lectora - Highlight

1. If I want to highlight something, how do I do that.

2. In powerpoint, I could add a shape and have fill color as 'No Formatting'.

3. However, in Lectora - I am unable to do so. Image below for reference.

Discussion (2)

There's a number of ways you can accomplish that. Here's at least a couple - you can make the Fill style 'transparent', so that only the outline shows. (I think this is what you are getting at).

If it is around some text, then you can use the "Border Weight" of the text box (from style tab), and increase the margin size of it to space it away from your text further.

You could also layer the shape behind the text/object you want to highlight, and just make sure the the fill style is the same as the page color (might be needed for other scenarios).

@cainam - Thank you. This was my bad :(