1. In the 'Initial Days' page of the attached file.

2. I do not have NEXT button as disabled.

3. What am I doing incorrect?


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I don't see an action to disable the Next button. Assuming that is true, you can create 2 actions

1. Add page level Action: On Page Show, Set State - Target: Next - State: Disable

2. On the Piggy-bank image: On Show, Set State - Target: Next - State: Enable

@cainam -

This action should have sufficed the purpose of having NEXT button as disabled.

I didn't run into any issues. Clicked on the "Initial Days" page, and whether or not I clicked through the Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, clicking on the next button took me to the "Later Days" page.

@cainam -

1. The issue is when the page appears.

2. The NEXT button should be disabled as I have set the action.

3. NEXT button will be enabled when all 3 weeks are clicked.

I don't believe that action was there in the file I saw - what is the condition you have associated with the action? (Set it to disable if...) Should it be always, or do you only want to disable in a specific circumstance?

You have a Condition set for the action. Under the Action tab it says 'IF". (that means there is a condition assigned to that action). If the action would occur all the time without condition, the Conditions area would say "Always" with a slightly different icon. (It can be a bit hard to differentiate the icon immediately).

What is the condition you have on that action? Is it preventing the action from firing because the condition is not being met?

@cainam - Apologies for being stuck on this query.

But I unable to find what is going wrong with the action.

The intent is to disable the NEXT button till a user clicks all three tabs - week 1, week 2 and week3.

Once you open the file, the Action 1 of disabling next button doesn't work.


So one of those conditions is not being met apparently. You can run in debug mode to help diagnose. Maybe those variables are not set to initially contain a value of zero? What is the initial value? (go to Variable manager, and look up those variables to see if they are initially set to something other than zero, like (1) or something else).

In the meantime here is the setup example that works if it helps.