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Why are the icons in my pop up screen overlapping the content OR not reflecting? File - Construction_MM

I am trying to practice from a template from ELB - Construction.



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Buttons by default have the setting checked 'Always on top' from the Properties tab. So if you want something to show over a button, you can do one of two things:

1. Uncheck 'Always on top' for the button from the Properties tab

2. Check 'Always on top' for the item/group that you are displaying over a button

...And make sure the item you want on top is layered over the button in the page contents generally (i.e. lower on the page contents in the Title Explorer).

I haven't looked at your uploads, but they are probably where you put them. Are they changing position?

What design are you expecting?

They look weird, and image overlaps content.

Okk..noted the error.

But otherwise - icons shouldn't be overlapping.

The original file action of reset stage, as attached.



Your pop-up group also contains the same icon 3.

I am doing something incorrectly. Icon overlaps.



Not quite sure I understand - I think for simplicity sake (and to keep your edited module consistent with the template you are using), just move your pop-up grouping away from the icons. I think the distinct icon within the group set (aforementioned icon 3 above), is to highlight that icon and layer on top to go along with the pop-up information. so for each pop-up group, just move/size so that it doesn't overlap the icon being highlighted.

The problem is pop up creation for me. I had copied pop up 1 to 3.

To create Pop up 4, I added a new page, added elements under it and grouped it.

Now, when I want to popup 4 to reflect on clicking page 4 - it doesn't reflect in drop down.



Got your point.

Why are you creating a brand new page? You should be keeping all the pop-up groups on the same page.