Font Issue

1. Template

I have a template prepared in Lectora 17 version.

2. Reusing

I am using that template in 19 version.

3. Font Issue

I am just changing content but facing issue changing the content font to ROBOTO.

4. Its like I have to go to each content piece, select it and change it to Roboto.

5. Else, it is in Arial.

6. Is there a better way to do it?



Discussion (3)

Yes. The "Test Text Style" is only relevant for the test, but there's an equivalent setting in the Project Settings, ... although of course it already has "Roboto" as the default font.

You can change the "Default Text Style" in the properties of the project. It should prompt whether you want to change all textfields.

You can also select all textfields on a page and change the font for all at once.

Something like below?