Flip the card


I want to click 'Ask' option, then 'Tell' option should appear.

I am trying, why is it going wrong?



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@cainam - Is this better?

If it does what you need it to do, then it is better! ; )

Certainly is functional - I would maybe speed up the transition speed. If you don't want to be able to flip back and forth (from the front to the back of the card, and then back to the front), then it is good as-is. If you do want to flip back and forth, then you would need the 2 actions per card front/back. (hide this, show the other), then the same type of actions on the other side of the card (hide this, show the other).

a Couple things.

1. First, you should put the 'Tell' on the same page as the 'Ask' (instead of on a 2nd page)

2. Currently, you have on the 'Ask' image, and action to show that same image. Once you put the 'Tell' on the same page, it will be available to target.

3. If you want a flip card, then you should have 2 actions on each. One to hide the current card (on mouse click, hide this object), and next action to show the other card.

Hi Adam,

I couldn't find flip option. I tried doing it with available options, as attached.



I am also facing the same issue for flutter vs react native

I just meant generically 'flipping' the card or turning it over. I was kind of surprised there wasn't a 'flip' transition actually. You would have to use some javascript I think to get a flip in there. Not sure there is a way to get that type of effect natively.

@cainam - Okay expert. Noted.

@andrew-robertson - Thank you for the link.

FWIW. I found this link and just used this code in my own module I am building at the moment. Slight modifications, but it all worked very nicely.


How do we ensure that NEXT is disabled till user flips the card.

If you followed my link, you'll need to work in some JQuery or something. I still haven't gotten to that part of the process.

How do we ensure that NEXT is disabled till user flips the card.