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1. In the attached course, there are 2 tabs which lead to respective pages.

2. The NEXT button has been disabled till user clicks both the tabs.

3. On clicking both the tabs, NEXT button should have been disabled given that I have added modify variable.

4. There seems to be some miss at my end.

5. Kindly guide.

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Just 2 variables actually (1 for each tab so you know the user clicked on it).

Sure, it can work in your setup, but more more complicated and not as nice for the user to have to switch pages just to show different content for each tab.

You can copy/paste contents from my page to yours, then move the actions from my buttons to your buttons to make it all work. There is really only a couple steps, but I understand if you haven't dealt with variables much it might seem like a lot at first. But it will open up so many more possibilities for you. You will just need to modify the actions that are showing my text to point out your text/pictures, but the actions are all there for you to mimic.

@cainam - Thanks for this. 4 variables! I need more practice.

Is there a way that the file I shared can work?

Attached example. Quick explanation:

1. when the page shows, disable the next button if the '2 tabs' have not been clicked before.

2. for each tab, first action is to modify a different variable.

3. for each tab, last action is to enable the next button if both variables have changed.

@cainam - Thank youuu..I tried your approach but something is missing at my end.

Minor error it seems. Just review once, its like am almost there.

Looks like you need to make the group with your text in it "initially hidden'.

@ Cainam - Super Adam. Thank you.


Help me with how do I go with slider movement in the attached file.

Or, will dragger be a button, and actions set for the same.