Confirmation - Tabs Interaction

Is the attached file okay, OR too many actions have been used?

Is there a better way to work on that file?

Discussion (2)

There aren't 'too many actions' per se. I've had 20-50 actions occur from clicking a button, so no problem with the number of actions.

You could, however, be more efficient with the actions. Instead of hiding each individual item, hide the full group_1 with the first action. Then the 2nd action would be to show the image you want. That will require less actions overall, and you could make the first set of actions, then copy those 2 actions to the other buttons. Then all you need to do is update which image you want to show on the 2nd action.

The HIDE GROUP option wasn't working earlier. Guess I was using actions in incorrect order.

It works fine now. Thank You.