Color Change - Visited Tab


Can we change the color of visited tab in Lectora (version 19)?



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Sure. How are you implementing tabs? One way would be to have two graphics for the tab itself, say a white and a gray version of the same graphic. Put the gray one in front of the white one, and make it transparent (both fill and outline) (in the Style tab of the Ribbon).

Add an OnMouseClick action to the gray tab that Shows itself ("This Object"). Now the tab will turn gray as soon as it's clicked. (Note: the action is on the gray tab because it's in front of the white one, so it will be clicked on even though it's not visible.)

Of course, another action on the gray tab should navigate to the relevant tabbed page.

Thank you Carl.

I tried but guess my ACTIONS aren't correct.

Just check, and suggest.



Hi, Malvika,

The only action on the rounded rectangle is "Go to [the page]". There is no action to change a color. You have four "Blue visited state" graphics for Part 1, one of which is invisible?

I edited yours to show the actions required for Part 1. (I didn't change the other three.) I also replaced your rounded rectangle with a text button, which has the advantage that the text is clickable--it wasn't in your original.

Thank you Carl. This involves variable, and I would need practice for the same.


I want all the pop up content to appear when each tab is clicked. Currently, one content appears other disappears.

Also, I am trying to change color of the visited state. What is missing in the file?