Info Card / Images / Group - Addition of Close button

I display alot of information when users click various buttons / hotspots. Given the amount of information displayed I usually then have to add a close button so users can hide it. This involves a bit of work, adding actions, hotspots and repositioning etc.

On groups, info cards or images, I'd like an option to switch on/off with a close button which hides the object(s). Ideally with a variety of different style option e.g. coloured filled circle with 'X' / Just 'X' / Filled square with 'X' / 'Close' / 'CLOSE' text...).

Discussion (2)

Hey, ELB: why can I "like" comments, but not posts like this one?

You'd just upvote it if it's something you think would increase the value of the tool. Ideas operate and are managed differently than discussions for this reason.

I prefer the Stack Exchange model, where both comments and answers get the same voting system as the original questions, but I guess that's just personal taste. Seems as if you're adding complexity for no actual reason.

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