Device Compatibility Guidelines

Does anyone have any guidelines for creating CenarioVRs which work on all devices or do people target a specific device?

I want to use Cenarios primarily on PCs and VR headsets, although I also use them on iPad and iPhone. I've published one of my scenes and its quite different on a PC than a VR headset. The popup information cards which are a good size on PC are far too big and in your face in VR. I have fixed position buttons and label text in the corners which are fine on the PC but in VR its difficult to view them.

The issue is akin to using safe areas when preparing content for TV. I'm almost thinking I'll need two versions, one for PC and one for VR which will add alot of time to the creation and maintenance process. I wonder if the software should be warning you if you use a certain size or put in certain positions.

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Thanks. Is there any setting to change the main scene background image / video zoom? A number of our users have commented that its 'too zoomed in'. They feel like they need to step back but can't.

VR headsets have a much smaller field of view than viewing content on a browser, and each headset has a different field of view. The software moves the fixed position items towards the center using algorithms based on each headset, but the general rule should be to not put it all the way to the edge if you intend on running it on a headset as well as run in the browser. I generally use "one grid line" from the top/bottom/left/right as a guide when creating content for multi-platform.

Objects appearing larger in VR is also a function of the field of view. Keeping this in mind while designing should allow you to create content that works well on both platforms. Also keep in mind that VR content should be more audio/visual than textual, so you want to try and keep text to a minimum while designing in this new medium.


No, thats just the original image, and yes that can definitely be an issue. If the camera is too close in the original shot, you'll get that "in your face" feeling when looking at it in VR. Hopefully you can get a re-shoot of the scene that is too close.


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