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What is the best way to change the up/down offset of a 360 image? I have set of images where the camera was a bit too high and now need to adjust down as a short term fix.

CenarioVR only allows me to change the left / right initial orientation, not up and down. I've tried setting an initial pan to an object but I don't really want the pan animation appearing. I'm thinking I need to edit the original 360 image in Photoshop but not sure how to offset.

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For that you would need to use a tool like Premiere to change the original source. I looked around for tutorials, and found this, but there may be others:



Thanks, in Adobe Photoshop I think the Filter undefined Offset might do the trick as well:

Suggestion to the CVR team: back in the day, I was an Asymetrix Toolbook developer. A great feature it had, that I haven't seen elsewhere, enabled you to freeze the screen, do things to the objects (position them, change the color, go to a different page, whatever) and then "unfreeze" the screen to reveal the new arrangement without the student watching all the changes happen.

CVR pretty much by the nature of browser tech has to use JavaScript, at least on some platforms. Is it possible to do that with JS, to say "Don't update the viewport until I say otherwise"? If you could do that, Hugh could do the "at the beginning pan down to this invisible info panel" action without the user suddenly seeing the camera move downward as soon as she entered the virtual environment.

Hugh, even if you used a "pan down to some object" solution, it wouldn't change the environment's "sense" of the horizontal, would it? So if you're using goggles, you'd have to keep your head constantly tilted to see things in the environment that are meant to be level (e. g. on the horizon)?

Update, the Photoshop offset method does some weird things to the top and bottom of the image.

In Premiere I've used the VR Rotate Sphere effect, and used export/save a still frame but I'm not sure this is the right effect, the image never seems to be quite right / level.

It would be so much easier if there was a X and Y Pos initial view adjustment in CenarioVR.

Ideally I'd take some new photos at a different tripod height but a pan down would work except CenarioVR only pans left/right not up/down.

If the POV pans downward while you're using goggles, it would be incredibly disconcerting. With your head level, the POV would be slanted, and turning your head would have the visual effect of looking as if you were tilting it. That's the sort of thing that causes "VR nausea."

So, I have just gotten advance warning of a "virtual tour" project.

I'm going to have the same problem as several previous posters. Say A is north of B. Walk from A to B and you're facing north, no problem. But C is east of B. Walk from C to B and you're facing ... north again, because there is no way to change that in CenarioVR. I can use a variable to track where one is coming from, that's super-easy, but I can't actually change the camera angle except by panning, which does not solve this particular problem. Walk from C to B and you would face north, then inexplicably spin to your left to face west.

With CVR in its current state, all I can do is have a top-down map, and require people to leave any location only to return to the top-down map and select a different one. I'd rather have something more like true VR, where they can "move" from spot to spot directly.

Any plans to support spacial orientation of cameras in CVR? I envision it being two system variables, say Horiz_Angle and Vert_Angle, both expressed in degrees. Since the camera angle must logically already be represented by some data structure in the underlying JavaScript, that should actually be very straightforward.

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