Important Account Pricing Changes

Has anyone received an automated email from elearning brothers over the weekend? It looks like the price is going up quite considerably and for new users, extra paid options being added which were previously included in the price. The CVR website hasn't been updated yet with details.

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I got what I assume is the same email you did. My company is grandfathered, of course.

Hi! The website has been updated: The base price has not changed at all. The price is only going up if you want to host courses through CenarioVR or publish to headsets etc. versus a different LMS. Have you been considering purchasing CenarioVR? Do you have an account manager here?

CVR via a web browser did not work well on Oculus Go headsets, partly because it is incredibly tedious and error-prone to log in with the terrible 3D-modeled keyboard that CVR uses (not the standard Oculus one). Google Cardboard is easier simply because you can log in using the touchscreen keyboard (usually slightly annoying, but enormously better than the Oculus method), and works pretty well.

I haven't used either in a year because the customer couldn't make up its collective mind about a headset, so we just use laptops for our interface, but that might change in the new year.

@hvaughan-2540, Your plan will be "grandfathered-in" as long as you keep it, so no worries there. The plans and prices are all going forward for new users.

VR headsets can use the web browser in the headset to access content on your LMS, and they will be able to go into "immersive" mode as well. Currently they will use the "gaze to select" method for interaction, however, it is on the roadmap to support controllers in the HTML publish so that they can be used even when run from an LMS.

I'm an existing 'educational' customer. Currently we have a 250 user licence (Lectora Platinum) and can publish scenario projects to be viewed on our VR headsets via the CenarioVR app. I use the asset library but don't use Lectora. If I renew the subscription do I still get this functionality at no extra cost?

Looking at the website, I'm thinking to get the same again next year, I'd have to pay $1,599 (content authoring) and a further $1,350 (for the up to 50 hosting). That's almost doubling the price. Perhaps with the educational discount it won't be as bad.

We use the absorb LMS where we 'host' SCORM based CenarioVR content. Can VR headsets use CenarioVR content via a web browser or does it only work via the app?