VR Preview Mode / Linked Live Scenarios in CVR App

If you have one universal scenario which is used on PCs and VR headsets and use VR conditional tests to dictate displayed content, the only way to test the VR version is to use a headset. This is very time consuming because every time you make a change you have to redownload and extract the zip file on the headset. Could a VR preview mode be introduced?

Could you also introduce a live, linked version that doesn't need to be downloaded/extracted, so it works in the same way as running through the browser but in the CenarioVR app.

Discussion (3)

Have you tried running the actual server-based scenario in Firefox Reality?

Not recently but I'm pretty sure I installed that app on the headsets so can give it a try. The only drawback using that option is having to 'type in' the url and login information. At least with the app it seems to remember the username/password for about 2 weeks and then all the user has to do is click the assigned scenario.

You are completely right -- using the "headset virtual keyboard" is immensely frustrating. It should at least have macros!