CenarioVR: First Glance article - Timber Yard demo

The author of CenarioVR: First Glance (https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/cenariovr-first-glance-ellen-kathleen-hayes) signed up to a free 30 day trial of CVR and got access to some demos.

Any chance of providing subscription users access to the Busy Timber Yard Scenario 2 (by Immersive Ignition) demo? Its not in the public scenarios area, it was there a year ago but was taken down, this one was a really good example to draw inspiration from.

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I did contact them some time ago, they said it was removed from public view, as it was only meant for the client to review and they've been given permission by the client to show them to prospective customers, and as part of presentations and conferences.

I saw the LinkedIn article and wondered if things had changed and CVR had their own version they could show subscribers. Oh well, worth a try.

I agree it was a great example. When it was in the public area, I showed it in many demos to illustrate how to design an effective VR scenario. Things in the public area are put there (and taken down), by their creators. We really don't have any control over what is there.

Sounds like a "shout out" to you, Ignition Immersive, any chance to get that back in public?