Ability to control objects in other scenes

I'd like to have a show/hide button which shows and hides text labels. If I switch it on it shows the scene's labels (and toggles the button state image), if I switch it off it hides the labels but I want it to apply to all scenes. At the moment if I use an object's action it only displays the current scene's objects.

I tried using a custom on/off variable and then modifying the 'On Show' scene actions visibility depending on the variable but the problem is, every time you visit a new scene the labels all flicker on for a split second while it checks.

Discussion (1)

Possible workaround: have the objects initially hidden (which does take effect before you enter the scene) and have your action make them visible, instead of hiding them. They might appear a fraction of a second after the rest of the scene, but CVR scenes load so slowly it wouldn't be noticeable.