When can we expect some new CenarioVR features?

There have been lots and lots of requests for new features over the last year or so but to date not that many have been implemented. Can eLearning Brothers share their roadmap with customers so we know what you are working on and when to expect updates?

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Loving the resources tab!

I see you've added a new Resources Tab: https://youtu.be/UXAQcWDYy90

Is it actually available yet, I've logged in and reset my browser cache but its not visible.

Hold your horses guys, coming out in a day or so..... But yes, it is awesome! Makes everything much quicker

And its out! Give it a whirl, I think you'll find it very useful

Still very underwhelmed with the amount of new feature updates to CenarioVR. Customers deserve to know what you have in the pipeline and are working on.