Text Fields/Variables

I'd like a fixed position info card to put a scene's instruction text into. After each action the user clicks a next button and the new instruction text is provided. Currently I would have to add multiple info cards and show/hide each as the next button is clicked. I think it would be easier if I could just update a single text field/variable with the updated instruction text, this would save having lots of scene objects and lots of actions.

Discussion (2)

I just implemented exactly what you're talking about, multiple info cards, which I have to reveal and hide in sequence using an incremented variable. It isn't so much difficult as it is tedious. Now synchronize that with audio to match each and you can end up with a dozen actions on a button or something.

This is where I think we need a different layout/view so power users can see and edit all scene objects/actions in one place. e.g. list all objects > filter by audio type > apply same copied action