App - Linking to other CenarioVRs

If you create CVRs for use in all platforms certain features don't work. For example I want to create a 360 menu page which links to other CVRs. I can add a web link which works if viewed in a web browser but if I use the app, the link/button won't work.

At minimum, CVR needs to check which device the user is using and display a warning message. E.g. Sorry, that feature is unavailable if using the app.

Discussion (2)

Sorry for the confusion, but yes things under the Web category of actions were never intended for content viewed outside the web. And yes we currently do not have a method to link to other scenarios in headsets. This has a hurdle that would require some consideration, which is that scenarios require to run of the headset and need to be downloaded. This would require a full download and that might not be the best user experience.

We do have plans to add conditions that are platform aware so authors can choose different behavior based on the platform.

I have previous (before the merger) requested that CVR be platform-aware, because (for instance) iOS can't handle high-resolution 360 video that is desirable on other platforms, whereas Oculus Go headsets can't handle certain SVG files.