Replace image upload / image management

You used to be able to upload an image which had the same filename as an existing image and overwrite/replace. That no longer works, now when you upload a filename which exists, it prompts: The resource you are importing has the same name as a resource already in the scenario. Would you like to use the existing resource in the scenario? with a Cancel and Use Existing button both doing the same thing if clicked.

Now I have to rename the file and then upload again which leaves the old unwanted file lying around. Can the file manager have an area for user uploaded files and can you allow images to be replaced.

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My bugaboo is buttons that don't mean anything. (I used to design GUIs.)

I requested better handling of duplicate filenames in 2019, as I remember it.

The previous functionality actually never replaced a resource, it just always added a new one, no matter what the name was. What was happening was that users were adding the exact same resource into their scenario, and getting multiple copies of it. We were seeing users scenarios that had dozens of copies of the same exact resource, bloating the size of the scenario and never able to cache a resource.

The idea here is that in order to use the same resource that is already in the scenario, you can just select it from the drop down list.

Also, selecting "Use existing" from that dialog will use the resource in the scenario, cancel will not change the resource.

Do you actually have multiple files, all with the same name, that are different files?

I often find I need to alter an image or audio file and therefore upload a replacement. In Windows File Explorer I simply overwrite the file. I then want to upload that file into CVR but have to rename it first, often just adding '2' to the end. If its used in multiple scenes I have to update all copies e.g. an arrow button.

I don't have multiple files with the same name that are different.

Ideally I'd like to see a File Manager area where all files are listed with their usage/linkages and an option to update (replace with new).

There is a roadmap item coming up that will have resources in the scenario that will have this functionality

Looks like our request has been granted. You can now overwrite/replace existing images.