Public Scenarios

Add download size/file size - sortable by size

Add thumbs down - there are lots of test/poor quality CVRs

Add clickable author link - so can view all CVRs created by author

Add author filter - so can filter by authors

Add comments - so can write reviews of each

Add language flag - know which part of world more applicable to

Add publish date text to listing - see how old CVRs are

Add audio filter - search CVRs which contain audio

Add video filter - search CVRs which contain video


- Add video quality check box when publishing so can filter by 4K/HD video CVRs. Not all CVRs work on all devices.

- Add duration time field (expected time to complete CVR), can then filter on this.

Discussion (2)

Hi! These are great feature requests. Thank you for these! Regarding the ability to download from Public Scenarios, some of these content creators want their work viewed but do not want their work accessed. Many of these courses are copyright protected. However, I am speaking to teammates right now to see if I could get you some examples to play with. I am collecting examples for you and others to access. Please feel free to email me at to let me know which features you would like to try.

Can you merge the 'elearning brothers' and 'elearning brothers 2' user accounts.

The content samples you produced are useful, is there a way you could add a button in the public downloads list to allow users to import them into their CenarioVR My Scenarios areas?