Which built-in font works best in CVR?

In CenarioVR when using Info Cards there is a choice of 10 fonts:

  1. Roboto

  2. Open Sans

  3. Open Sans Bold

  4. Slabo

  5. Roboto Mon

  6. Arial

  7. Bookman

  8. Garamond

  9. Verdana

  10. Georgia

I prefer to use text in CVR rather than importing as a graphic because its quicker and easier to edit if it needs rewording (but is a bit limiting as there is no styling options, leading, kerning, bold, italic etc).

Does anyone have any opinions on which font works best in VR/Desktop for label and button readability/legibility?

I found this link: http://vovakurbatov.com/articles/10-rules-of-using-fonts-in-virtual-reality#:~:text=Typeface,as%20Exo%202%2C%20for%20example.

Discussion (1)

I generally use Roboto, as I find it very readable, but it is certainly just my preference.