Multiple Scene Initial Orientations

I have a straight corridor with number of fixed point camera positions along it. For each camera position I have taken a 360 photo and created a new scene. Each scene an arrow pointing forwards and backwards to open the next/previous scenes.

If the user travels from point A to point B it is all fine, but if they go from point B to point A the starting initial camera position is wrong, they are facing backwards when they first open the scene.

Can we have a new feature when a scene is linked from a hotspot, you can set a different starting orientation? That way virtual walkthrough tours will work seamlessly avoiding the user getting confused being pointed in the wrong direction after clicking a directional arrow button.

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At least two people have requested it, but at present there is no starting orientation in CVR, period. You start out pointing toward the center of the image, period. You can pan toward some item you placed in the scene, but that pan will be visible to the viewer. Clearly camera angle is in fact in the CVR code somewhere, you point of view does look in a specific direction, but it is not represented by a developer-accessible variable or anything.

I join you in wishing PoV was a thing in CVR.

In fact, eLearning Brothers just announced (less than an hour ago) a new release that contains a couple of things I suggested to them. I'm not saying it was just because of me, but I am saying they are listening to their customers.

Everyone have a great Fourth, if you live in the USA. (Or if you don't, but it's less significant.)

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