Hand Tracking - Which Headsets?

I noticed CVR now allows hand tracking: https://www.elblearning.com/create-learning/cenariovr-updates/say-goodbye-to-controllers-and-hello-to-hand-tracking

Which headsets would I need to purchase in order to use this feature?

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Just logged into CVR:

Hand tracking is now available in the latest version of the CenarioVR App for Quest and Pico Devices. This feature allows you to use your hands to interact with scenarios. To enable hand tracking in CenarioVR, simply ensure that hand tracking is enabled for your headset, and you will be able to easily switch between controllers and hands for working with scenarios.

I don't suppose Pico G2 4K headsets have hand tracking capabilities?



  • SDK: 2.1.5 or later
  • Device models: PICO Neo3 and PICO 4 series
  • Device's system version: 5.5.0 or later