Cover all / transparent graphic

I'd like to be able to display a grouped object of an info card, image and close button in a scene when the user clicks on a hotspot. While the popup is open I'd like the 360 scene to be locked (no scrolling around the environment) and to dim down.

I don't think I can lock the scene but I nearly got the cover working by adding a transparent image, setting it to fixed and scaling up. The problem is I can't get it to fill the entire screen, it fills the top and bottom but not the left and right.

The image below is full screen but as you can see the black transparent cover doesn't reach the left and right edges.

I'd like a built in feature which could do the cover as an action on/off.

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This post made me think ... I'd love to be able to import a 360 photo as an image within a scene. That would let me replace the environment without having to navigate to a different scene (and probably replace lots of elements, e. g. navigation items). This could involve replacing the image/video that is the basis of a scene, or overlaying it.

Yes, replacing the background 360 image would work.

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