Sync Events Issues

Hi Everyone,

I'm using Lectora 21.3, and I'm having issues with synching events. I'm trying to show 3 text blocks at different time intervals using sync events but they don't show up at all at the specific time till the end of the slide. The text blocks are set to "initially hidden" and the action I'm using in Sync Events is to Show each one. Am I missing anything? Any advice?

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You might give more details - what platform are you viewing on? Is this in a published course in an LMS, or the Lectora Preview, for example?

In general, if you can upload even a single page of your course as a Zip archive, people will disassemble it and find the problem 99% of the time, very quickly.

Just throwing a dart at the wall here on two possible problems..

Problem 1:

Your timing is off. If you are manually entering the times for your items to show, you must remember that it goes minute:second.millisecond. So ensure you follow that nomeclature.

Problem 2:

Your media isn't playing so your Show actions aren't being fired.

But like

said - your reported issue feels like we're at the 30k foot level looking down. There can be many problems that would take far too long to type out as opposed to either providing us a stripped down file or screenshots of your sync window.

Thank you Carl and Andrew. I'm sorry for my late response, but I appreciate much your attempts to help. Unfortunately, I'm not allowed to share my file, but fortunately I could figure it out.

Because I inherited this project from someone else, I wasn't fully aware of its ins and outs. After a while, I found that those elements had long delayed transition that they should appear on screen a way after my synched timing. That's why they didn't show at all. When I removed the transition, the synched items functioned well.

Many thanks again,