Next Button is not showing in Google Chrome

When I published my training to Google Chrome, the Next button did not show while the Previous button did show. I don't have Previous button on the very first page of the training. I used my shortcuts to scroll to second page and I noticed that the Next button is still not showing for the rest of the training, but the Previous button shows. Both buttons are properly displayed in the browsers' Preview mode within the training.

Can anyone help please?

Thank you,

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This is a current known issue: LD-1956 Fade transition on form objects causes objects to never display

does your next button have this transition?

Thank you Jose. The navigation button do not have transition, but the pages have. For testing, I changed page transition to None and re-test the title on Google Chrome and the problem still persists: the Next button does not show while the Previous button shows.

Any other thoughts?

Thanks a lot.

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