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I'm using Lectora 18.2.1 and I'm trying to create a glossary that mimic the bookmarks in Word Document.

Throughout the training, I'm using some acronyms and I want to add a hyperlink to the acronym that takes the user to the definition in the glossary page. I created a glossary page that has the letters as buttons and the definitions in hidden text boxes. With Show/Hide actions, I'm able to show the definitions appropriately if I'm using the glossary page only.

However, my issue is how to link the acronyms throughout the training to this page and force it to show the corresponding definition.

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Thank you Tim. I used the 2nd method: all definitions in the title level, and it worked perfect. Many thanks:)

If you need the glossary page, you can make the links run action groups that set a variable "glossary" to "a" (the respective letter) and go to the glossary. The glossary page can "Show Textblock A" if "glossary" is equal to "a". Keep the actions groups on title level, so you can use them from any page.

You could also copy the definitions to the title level and make the links show them directly.

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