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I checked the Empty ALT Tag option for some decorative images in my title, however, the 508 team returned my title as failed with this remark:

"Even though images are marked as decorative, popular assistive technologies (i.e. JAWS, NVDA) do not entirely ignore the graphics in Chrome and Firefox browsers. The user hears “graphic” but with no description. To effectively have assistive technology ignore images in web content the img alt attribute needs to be set to “” or ARIA can be used to hide the content."

How do I fix that? I've this issue in L19.0.4 and L21.

Thanks a lot,

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Hi John,

Yes, I'm publishing it using the option "Create ALT tags..." (please see screenshot), but still the 508 reviewers can hear "graphic" for empty tags.

Are you publishing with the Publishing HTML option "Create ALT tags for images and buttons" ? This will create the alt tag with an empty value alt="" that should be ignored completely by the screen reader as your 508 team pointed out in their comment.