Lightbox in Lectora 19 (Desktop)

According to L19 Release Notes:, the lightboxes "now support WCAG and Section 508 requirements." However, when I selected "Use Accessibility Settings" in my Title Options, the lightbox option is INACTIVE in the Window Style under the Go To New Window. How do I add lightboxes while the Accessibility option is still selected in the Title Options?

Thank you

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@tmichael9734 we're aware of this conflict. For now, at Publish, the publish options have a checkbox to allow you to use Lightbox popups for the full title.

Thank you Chris, but how would I define a page as a lightbox popup before I publish it? Is there a workaround? Many thanks again!

@tmichael9734 - Here's the current work-around.

Lightboxes (or any other popups) are secondary windows that are opened using an action.

1. Select Action / GoTo .

2. For Target, select a page in your title containing the information you want to display.

3. Select Open In and set to New Window. This enables an editor icon to select the Window Type.

4. This editor is where you would normally tell Lectora to make this a Lightbox. Currently, if WCAG is turned on, the Window Style selection is disabled and set to Use Publish Option as default, as shown below.

5. At publish, select Options/Use Lightbox Pop Ups, as shown in the previous image in this thread. All pages your project will use lightboxes as the New Window type.

It's on our roadmap for next release to remove this conflict and make lightbox selection available at the page level.

Yep! It works perfectly fine, thanks a lot for the idea.

One last question though, what's the ideal size and location for the pop up window? Just to appear in the middle of screen. Lots of thanks :)

Sure, I will. Thanks a lot Chris :)

Let your content "tell" you how to locate and size your window. You still control that at the page level, so you can vary it based on your page content. You can do fun things like making your popup content appear integrated with the layout behind it, for example covering up instruction or question copy with feedback. Play with it and have fun!