Sync Events and Accessibility

Hi Lectora Geeks,

I've a video that pauses for a question, and once the user clicks the designed "close button", the video resumes. I display/ hide the question and feedback through using action groups and sync events.

My issue is that this method is NOT accessible. The AT user cannot sense if the question or the feedback appears. I know I can use the lightbox to get an accessible solution; however, the lightbox is very classic. I use an artistic shape to display the question and the feedback and if I paste this shape in a separate page as a lightbox, I lose the artistic look.

How do I achieve accessibility while maintaining the artistic look of my pop-up window?

Any idea

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I am sadly no professional nor well-versed in WCAG 2.1 requirements (it is on my to-do list this year), but you could fake it to a point where you chop up your video into the number of segments you need and then have a separate page per every question and video.

For example:

1. Video plays and stops at point X which is the cut point.

2. On video end which is point X, it automatically proceeds to the next page that has the question.

3. Once user submits answer, it automatically proceeds to the next page with the remaining cut of the video which auto plays.

Rinse repeat. What you can then do is make your pages look the way you want with the popup style etc. for cross page consistency. Just an idea.

@tmichael9734 you're correct - the lightbox is accessible, and you can apply a custom style.

No doubt probably easier, but sometimes easy never turns out the way you want it. As I said, no WCAG2.1 professional by any means nor have a need to be right now due to the staffing requirements in place within our organization.

Thank you Andrew. That's sound good; but I think using the light box in that case will be an easier solution