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Hi Lectora Geeks,

Could you please help me figure this out? I added in the title level a Skip Navigation link to go directly to content. In one page, the behavior of the tabs are different from the actual reading order that I set in the Title Explorer. As you see in the attached layout, the first tab goes to Skip Navi, then to button 1 and when the content is displayed, the tab should go to button 2. However, when I tab, the focus keeps bouncing back to Skip Navi after each button. I put my actual reading order in the attachment, and this is the behavior that I want the tabbing to display but it does not.

Any idea why this thing happens?


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You're mixing links with button in the tab order? That's probably more than slightly tricky. Try making "Skip Navigation" also a button.

Carl: I just checked it. The Skip Navigation is actually a button and has this 2 actions:

On Page show: document.getElementById("%HTMLNAME%btn").focus();

On Mouse Click: Go to Web: #of the Content Start text block


Good point Carl, let me try it and will come back to you.

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