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I need your advice and amazing ideas. In my title, every time users complete a lesson or a section in the lesson, they receive a check mark on the screen indicating the completion of this section/ lesson. This is a very convenient tracking method for sighted users. However the AT users cannot see the change in status. In your opinion what could be good tricks to flag the lesson completion to AT users?

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Thank you Matt. Our 508 team didn’t specify the type of AT, but requested equal treatment for both users: regular and individuals with disabilities. The audio could be a good option; however, I’ll need an audio controller every time I use it. Perhaps the extra text will be a better option in that case.

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First you have to define what kind of AT ( Assistive Technology ? ) you are talking about ?

Else its hard to give tips on how to solve the issue...

So let me make some assumptions.

- users cant see color

Then you might fix that by using text in your completion status to show it.

- users cant see at all

So how they navigate then ?

Offcourse audio then can do the trick...

So i guess basically using audio and extra text will work for most cases...

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