Test to see whether the Sharing system is functional and practical

Basically what you want is offcourse a setup that you can easily add files in your posts. So let's see if that works :-)

Well no way to add a file directly inhere... its a different system apparently the sharing system for the ELB community.

That is no good. You should not have to use another system to upload assets 😕

And i do understand that some moderating is safe...but like this...noone will add assets and not use the forum.

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Dear Math,

Thanks for coming to us with this. We are still trying to find the best, most efficient way to make the file sharing system work.

Sadly, our forum software does not allow for file uploads directly onto the Community. Therefore we have had to try and find an alternative way to solve this issue so our members can still upload! However, It does allow for upload of links and photos which is usually sufficient.

This is where we came with the ShareFile system. This allows you to upload any files you would using the uploading link. I, as the Community Manager, will then moderate it to make sure all file sharing is safe, as you correctly mentioned is needed for this forum!

Then you can find your file in the downloading link, in a folder named after your topic! Feel free to try it out if you would like. If you want more info on how it works, refer to this document!

I know this isn't ideal, but we are trying out best to accommodate to all your needs with the functionality that we have, and keeping it safe! We hope you understand, and this way anyways we make it available for users to still share files!

Hope this helps,

Liesl - Community Manager

Hi Liesl, that really is sad. You should consider using another tool for the forum. I am a big fan of Lectora, but like this i want share anything here. The forum and the communiteit is dying this way.