code button for posts

It doesnot work. When changing it in editmode it displays properly. When submitting the Post it disappears.

The lines below are set in code </> mode

Lorem ipsum test for code.

As said in edit mode it shows fine. When submitting the formatting is gone !

Discussion (3)

Hi Math!

As you might have seen, we tried to test it on another post, and couldn't get the same problem as you.

Could you maybe share more with what you did? Though the black code that is in the edit mode isn't in the post, we usually do have the <> that are there.

Thats the thing i expected. I expected a clearer distinction from normal text. Now the difference is very small...just smaller font. Too small a difference i think... the black background as in edit mode...thats UI/UX wise a better distinction from normal text.

I am in contact to see if there is anything we can do to make a clearer distinction from the normal text. I'll get back to you when they let me know what's possible!