Can't Drag and Drop Images In Lectora 21.5.1

Hi all - it's been a while!

I just/finally upgraded to Lectora 21 and this is an odd one - I can't drag and drop images from Windows Explorer/my Desktop into Lectora 21. I have to bring in images via the menu (Insert>Image>Image File).

When I attempt to drag and drop an image I get the red 'no' symbol.

Previously this process worked fine for me in 18, and it currently works fine for my colleagues who are also on 21.

What am I missing?

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I see the red "no" symbol when I am dragging from my window explorer, with and without Lectora running. Once I drag the object over to Lectora page that symbol is gone and I am able to drop my objects onto the page. Are you still seeing the symbol when you are over your page?

Yes. Even when my mouse enters Lectora and goes to the center of the page I still have the 'no' symbol.

ChatGTP says: Sometimes, simply resetting the drag and drop gesture can resolve the issue. You can do this by left-clicking and holding the file or folder you want to drag, then pressing the Escape key, and finally releasing the left mouse button.

That did not work. I've added a video to show what is happening.

I can't tell from the video if that image file is on the same machine. Sometimes security settings will not allow drag/drop from network or USB drives.

It is on my Desktop.