trivantis-titlemgr.js : variable not declared for IE


I have been working with Lectora since version X and have just recently upgraded to V17 to repair the bugs within v12 but now there is another bug that is entirely different.

Attempt 1: Publish for Seamless Play

I left this option enabled, but I got the white screen where nothing loads as a couple of users have identified on the forums. Since I figured it was poor script coding added by myself, I removed it all and it still didn't work.

Attempt 2: Disabled Publish for Seamless Play

I disabled this feature and then reattempted and got as far as the Loading... Please Wait... page but that is where it hung. I reviewed the Developer Tools and it identified that line 351 (xmlDoc.loadXML (str);) is the culprit as STR is not a valid variable.

When I compared the trivantis-titlemgr.js of V17 and V12, thevariable declaration changed completely from XFN which is declared higher up in the function to STR which is not declared at all.

Can anyone advise of a fix that I need to apply for my 3 other training developers?

I have attached a zip file with both of the trivantis-titlemgr.js files from v12 and v17 along with the developer tools screen shot from IE11. The course loads in CHROME, but our corporation does not support this for widespread use across the organization.

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