Test: Skip Question

I am wondering if there is a way to SKIP a question and make the system come back to it at the end.

I have put a button with GoTo Next Page as a skip button, but it comes up with a warning stating that all questions must be answered.

Any tips?

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To clarify, you're asking if it's possible to dynamically change the order of the questions?

That setting prevents the student from leaving the page while the question is empty. So if you want to make the question skippable you should turn it off. You can always add your own conditions to the next page action.

You could show some form of menu when they've reached the "Submission page" that tells which questions have not been answered and let them go directly to a skipped page. If it's on chapter level you can show it on all pages so they can jump from page to page.

Or show different navigation buttons that lead to Question 1 if Qestion_0001 is empty etc.

Great thanks for the idea @timk . I think this ask of mine is a bit more advanced than what is available out of the box in Lectora, but it is not below my skillset in terms of programming/configuring.

Thanks for the information.

Understood. But If I turn that off, will the student still be required to answer all the 30Q even if they skipped a question? The idea is that I'd like them to return to that question if they skipped it.

For example: A student would possibly see the order of their questions as such.

1 - answered

2 - answered

3 - answered

4 - skipped

5 - skipped

6 - answered

7 - answered

8 - skipped

9 - answered

10 - answered

4 - answered

5 - answered

8 - answered

This basically asking the student all the questions and then returning to the ones that weren't answered.

The warning is caused by the Test Behavior "Student must answer each question" that can be deactivated.

Sorry if I am not being clear in my examples/question.

I am trying to mimic a paper based assessment where a student will receive a test, they can skip whatever questions they wish to skip and then return to the skipped questions at the end of the test.