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Hi - I have three (3) tests in my module in which only one (1) is accessed based on logic (e.g. their certification). If I were to uncheck the Include test score in overall score, would that make it so that the SCORM data in the DB is representative of the score from that test only.

Currently it takes all 16 questions into account, but really, there are set number of questions in each of the tests (4, 5, 7).

I would be glad to provide more details if required.

Discussion (4)

By "accessed based on logic" do you mean that only this score counts toward pass/fail, or toward some sort of certification? The other two are just reinforcement or meant as self-assessment to guide the students?

By accessed based on logic I mean the following.

User can down a certain path which provides an assessment (A, B, or C) based on that path. They are all separate assessments and have no bearing on each other. Kind of like a choose your own adventure storybook.

If the user chooses stream A, then they get the A assessment.

If the user chooses stream B, then they get the B assessment.

If the user chooses stream C, then they get the C assessment.

Your idea should work. Uncheck "Include test score in overall score" for all tests, then set AICC_Score equal to the score of the selected test.

Thanks @timk ! Appreciate the assistance.