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Good afternoon,

We've recently been receiving service tickets to support our emodules specifically relating to the KC section. Some users (maybe 1%) are getting to the KC section and the question is completely disabled. We have the max number of answers set to 1, but is there a way to see what is triggering this disabling of radio buttons?

Software: Lectora v19

Browser: IE11 (soon to be Edge)

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Hi @CarlJFink , thanks for the quick response.

While we are creating our content for about 8500 users, we're quite lucky in that our environment is entirely closed and managed by our IT Department (standardized browser, plugins, settings, security, etc.). To go even further, the workstations are high powered terminals in a sense that they are desktop workstations but extremely locked down.

The debugging turned on would be an idea, but it is ever so sporadic that we wouldn't know who gets the error or even if they'd get it. Plus having that window appear would be a nuisance for the non-initiated/trained.

I can Connect as... the user, so I could go in as them and maybe set a Sources > Watch for the Question_001 variable and see what it has.

Hi, Andrew,

Have you tried publishing the course with debugging turned on? That would let you check the values of variables during a run, for instance. Have you gathered information from the students? For instance, are they all using a specific version of a specific browser, or perhaps using some security software that might be interfering with the course functionality? If they reload the course, does the KC then work? (You could enable them to return to the last viewed page, making that much easier.)

@andrew-robertson, my suggestion was really that you post details about versions and whatnot, because that would help ELB and us colleagues of yours figure out what's up.

You didn't answer my question about what happens if the user restarts the course, which was leading to the same idea that Mo had, that the user/LMS connection had timed out or otherwise been broken (e. g. by the workstation renegotiating DHCP and suddenly having a different IP address).

Hi Andrew,

given the small percentage of learners experiencing this behaviour, could it be that a learner is returning to the module, after having answered a question in the KC (which maxes out the number of attempts allowed) and just logged out of the module before moving to the next page?


Thx @malqaseer3753 and @CarlJFink,

I understand where you're heading and, yes, I completely missed the point of your post. Is there specific types of data that I can provide from the debugging window if I were to run it specifically for myself?

My colleague @susanmacnab and I were heading down that path of closing out the module and restarting it, but in our particular training environment, I am not so inclined to believe that the user(s) are explicitly logging out of the module to return at a later date because it is happening at the end of the course.

Now you did say something about dropped connections and that did raise a few hairs the back of my neck. We have had issues in the past with our LMS and we do have spotty connections as we are using internal LAN/WAN connections but from remote sites (coast to coast, north and south) from our main data center (Toronto).

@susanmacnab has provided me with an on page load action which has stabilized us re. these occurrences, but I was more curious as to what was causing this and why.