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Hello -

I am building a customized assessment tool that allows for the user to select their certification path at the beginning of the assessment - essentially click button Apples to be assessed on Apples or Bananas for Bananas. It appears to work great after doing a focused test on 20 of our facilitators, so I am not too worried about that functionality and it reporting correctly to the LMS DB.

I received a request to allow the facilitators and learners to review their answers IF they passed the exam which I know can be done fairly easily using the test results page.

My big problem I am running into at the moment is that after Test Submission, it automatically goes directly to the TEST RESULTS page and skips over On Pass/Completed and the On Failed/Cancelled settings.

This is how the assessment flows, where there are 30 randomized questions and at the end it goes to the submission page which is a blank page that says Please wait as we submit your answers...

What I expect to happen is it go from the Submission Page to the score page and then I can control whether access to the results page by a button to return once the facilitator has let everyone who failed leave.

Any suggestions?

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@andrew-robertson I'm trying to recreate your test but am not having much success. I had a graded test with a randomized test section. I had my pass/fail both go to a page I had between the Test Section and the Test Results page. This works, but it doesn't sound like what you are describing.

In your Behavior you have the pass and fail both going to Outro, but I'm not sure where this is - I don't see it in your Test. Do you see this issue in Run Mode or just published? Are you publishing to HTML or an LMS?

Would it be possible to get a zip of your test (you can remove the questions if you need to and I can replace them with my own) so that I can try to recreate your issue?