Synced Buttons/Images

I have a next button that synced to the audio timeline.

When I put a fade on the transition in, the button does not follow with the synchronized timeline frame of the audio and automatically appears when the page opens. However when I remove any form of transition in, it follows the synchronized timeline perfectlyfine.

Any thoughts?

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Hi tasiala - yes, you are correct, it is the audio synced to show button at X time. I have assigned about upwards of 20 actions to single MP3 audio pieces which include text, images and buttons. The text and images works without an issue - it is just the buttons.

This is how i set it up.

  1. Import audio (30sec length)

  2. Auto play audio

  3. Set synced action to SHOW thisBtn at 00:29.00

  4. Set thisBtn transition in to FADE.

I am testing using the RUN option in Lectora19, and when a button FADE IN transition is set to ....

  • enabled : it appears immediately when the page is shown.

  • disabled : it appears at the right point in the audio narration.

I can try to recreate this, is it just an audio with an event to show the Next button? Have you tried other transitions?

Hey Andrew, this is working for me correctly. Is it possible to get a copy of your project?

Hi tasiala - I will take another kick at it tomorrow. I sadly cannot provide you the content at the moment and would need to remove a lot of the content due to privacy impacts.