Shape/Line: Pill Shape Issue

Hello - I believe there is a bug in the Lectora v21 application.

I would like to recreate a user interface that we have, and it uses pill shaped objects. Instead of making the assets in Adobe Illustrator, I thought it would be a good idea to make them using the Shape/Line tool; however, when I try to turn off the gradient it just doesn't go away - even after changing the colours.

Thinking it may be an issue on my end, I created a standard box/rectangle and it had no issues with the gradient.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Click on the Shape/Line drop down

  2. Choose the pill shape.

  3. Draw a pill shape object on your screen.

  4. Change the colour.

  5. Attempt to turn off the gradient.

Any support would be appreciated.

Discussion (6)

Selecting "No gradient" doesn't work. However, you can set a texture and pick the first option, which is a solid color. That works.

Thanks for the idea, but when I select the ArgylBlack texture, the entire pill goes black but no colour appears. Once I go to the colour picker, it shows that my colour is chosen but no dice.

Any other tips or should I just wait for a patch?

Hmm ... OK, what I just did was go to Gradients >> More gradients, and set both start and stop colors to pure blue (0000FF).

Note to ELB: this should not be necessary.

@wheels FYI.

@andrew-robertson thanks for pointing this out. We will make sure it's written up. The pill shape has some nuances to it that have been particularly challenging it would be nice to improve this behavior as you have shown it is possible.

Most welcome. Wasn't sure if this chat was crossing your path.