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OK, I'm going to shoot for the moon on this one.

As anyone who has built a title developed in Responsive Course Design (RCD) can tell you, reviewing can be a bit time intensive. Yes, in theory, everything should be properly aligned and spaced across your different views; however, this is not always the case. Something may look perfect on 4 out of the 5 views, but in phone portrait view there is some overlap on text, a misaligned image, etc.

The problem becomes that reviewing this in ReviewLink or some other tool, when a person comments on this, they have to provide the additional text to describe in what view they are seeing the issue (e.g.: "spacing is incorrect for the first two paragraphs when viewed in landscape mode on a phone"). I realize ReviewLink currently captures the OS and browser, but this leaves us guessing on what device and orientation the content is being viewed.

Now my enhancement request: It would be phenomenal if ReviewLink offered a button/mode which could automatically toggle the dimensions of the content to replicate the various views, and (now I'm gilding the lily) if this information could then be passed through to the comment tracking.

So, if I am reviewing a title, I can click on a button (Phone Portrait, Tablet Portrait, Desktop, Tablet Landscape, and Phone Landscape) and the window would resize accordingly. Then, when I make a comment on any page in any view, this information gets stored alongside the Summary, Location, etc.


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I'll bring it up to the developer and see if we can't find a way of putting this into a future version :)

Great idea! I think this is a must-have.

We've added this suggestion to our backlog for ReviewLink. Excellent suggestion!

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